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Practice Guidelines

Please adhere to the Practice Schedule times and have your swimmers present as much as possible to ensure swimmer(s) receive adequate instruction and workout for their age and ability. Please respect the coaches desire to maximize your child's potential in practice.

  • Swimmers are encouraged to work hard and do their very best. Actual skill is not as critical as the swimmer’s willingness and enthusiasm to learn.
  • Swimmers should be on deck and ready to swim 5 minutes before practice time.
  • Swimmers, parents and other children are expected to follow the coach’s instructions.
  • Parents must remain at least five feet from the pool during practice unless required by the Head Coach.
  • Practice sessions are not for parent-coach discussions. Parents/guardians may request to speak with the coach before or after scheduled practice.
  • The baby pool is off limits during practice and swim meets.
  • Bikes are prohibited inside the club gates.
  • No climbing on fences, light poles, picnic tables and trees during practice or home meets.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their children before and after practice and any damage to club facilities or equipment whether the parent is present or not. Misbehavior and vandalism will not be tolerated. Swimmers and siblings must not be left unattended at the pool.

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