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Volunteerism is the heart of Lexington Woods Swim Team! The team is run by volunteers and without parent volunteers, there would be no team.

We encourage parents to work at every meet, if at all possible, and be available to substitute for short periods, as needed. Volunteers away from the pool area (concessions, computer, etc.) also enjoy seeing their own children swim. Other family members (older teenagers, grandparents, etc.) or family friends may substitute for parents, provided they are responsible and do their shift.

Each meet is divided into two shifts. Shifts are announced during the meet to let parents know of the change. Parents are required to work a minimum number of shifts to be determined by the size of the team each year; a number of shifts during the regular season, plus the mock meet and Divisionals. And needs will still remain for volunteers!

Available Volunteer positions include:

Concessions - Two people per shift work with the Board Member in the Concession Stand selling food ranging from breakfast and lunch items to candy, soda and snacks.  Volunteers will take orders, money and serve the guest.

Crowd Control - This person uses the bullhorn to call swimmers to their events at the appropriate time. One person is needed per shift.  Four Age Group Controllers aid this position.

Age Group Parent - One person per age group, are responsible for writing the event numbers on the back of the hand of the swimmers.  Other responsibilities include Water Rascal wrangling, i.e. keeping eyes on swimmers, finding missing swimmers prior to assigned events, helping put caps on, find goggles, and walk to Crowd Controller when swimmer's events are called.

When all swimmers are assembled, they are taken to the Ready Bench. One parent is needed for each age group: 6 and under, 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years, and 13-18. (This is a great job for parents with younger non-swimmers because they can have their children with them for this job.)

Timer - Timers are responsible for timing the swimmers, using stopwatches provided by the team. Three timers are needed in each lane of the pool to capture swimmers' times. This position offers a great poolside view of the race, opportunity to work with others and cheer on the swimmers. Two shifts per meet.

Chief Timer - Maintains order with timers by calling to attention, starting 2 or more backup watches and rescuing distracted timers. Another position offering great poolside viewing. This position is for experienced timers.

Scribe - The scribe is seated behind the timers and records the times of the three timers on a sheet.  This job has less pressure than timing, offers seating and great poolside viewing. 

Runner - A person, 1 per shift, who distributes all paperwork to the scribes and officials, collects the papers from the scribes and carries them to the computer people in an air-conditioned room away from the pool. This is done in a very timely manner (Running!).

Ribbon Writer – 1 Person per shift, they will place labels on the ribbons for our team only. This is normally done inside near the A/C!

Ready Bench – 1 person per shift, this person is at the ready bench, wrangling Rascals into lines and lanes.

Officials - Requirements are met by attending a class, taking and passing a test. Those who pass are certified to stand on deck and judge the swimmers' strokes and turns, and later, start races. They have the power to make or break a swimmer and the race. If interested, see the Team President, as positions are limited. Due to the important nature of this position, time constraints and class qualifications required, our team offers one discounted registration to certified, team officials.

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